My Story

Hi Guys, I'm George Oikonomou and I'm a Myoskeletal alignment therapist.

"All my life I had pain and problem in my body due to hard work with farming since I was a kid. All the time trying to see how I can help myself but failed. I only knew how to help others and that's what I now want to share with you."

George grew up in the beautiful island of Cyprus and worked from young age in the farm with his family. But when his father got injured and sold the farm he continued to work alongside his grandfather. His grandfather who was one of the first therapists in the country that helped people from all over the world until his death 2020.

"My grandfather had a gift that I believe he passed on to me. With our hands we can help people with all kinds of pain. I'm grateful to continue his legacy."

My best tips and advices for YOU

to feel better without pain!

1) Always when you wake up drink 1 glass of water (room temperature). Wait at least 30 minutes before you drink coffee or eat.
2) Have a morning routine with 5-10 stretching exercises. This is so your body wakes up and get ready for the day.
3) Always think about your posture when you are lifting something. Bend your knees and use your whole body.
4) Lower you sugar intake, especially artificial sugar. Sugar increases the inflammation in your body and joints.
5) Try to get at least 1 time massage per month to take care of your body.